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Are The Old Fashioned team licenced?

Yes, all our bar staff have their RSA certificates. 

Are there limits to where the Pizza Wagon can park?

Our mobile van can park just about anywhere, provided there is a flat space measuring L7m W3m H3m to set up in, and easy access to the location — no steep dirt roads.

Are you permitted to operate Pizza Wagon on Fire Ban days?

Yes. We have permits from the MFB and CFA that allow us to work on Total Fire Ban days.

Can I add my own styling to The Old Fashioned?

We are more than happy for your florist and stylist to pretty up our counter. We love flowers! If they have any questions get them to shoot us through an email.

Can I provide my own alcohol?

Oh yes! Cheaper and easier for all involved. If you’d like us to provide the alcohol it’s possible but with licence fees etc it will add up. 

Can Privy The Pretty travel outside the Mornington Peninsula?

Yes. We can service the Melbourne CBD and surrounds, Geelong & Surf Coast, Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges and other parts of country Victoria. Please note for events outside of the Mornington Peninsula, an additional travel fee applies.

Can the tipis be used in winter?

Absolutely! With our indoor fireplace and gas heaters you really can create a cosy winter wonderland. The tipis are inspired by the Kata tipis of Lapland — the northernmost part of Finland — and are designed to endure the harshest of climates.

Can the toilet be moved once it arrives?

Our portable toilet comes on a trailer and can be positioned anywhere on your event site, but it can't be moved again once it is placed in position.

Can you cater to dietary requirements?

We can cater to most dietary requirements including Vegetarian, Gluten free, Vegan and Lactose free.

Can you park Pizza Wagon at my property?

We can park on all private properties, yay! If you would like us to come to a public place like a park we may need you to get council permission first.

Do I need to take out insurance when I hire Tipis?

As with any marquee hire, the client is held responsible for all accidental loss and damage to the hire equipment during the hire period. With the value of our equipment on most jobs extending to many tens of thousands of dollars it is of course important that the equipment is properly insured. You are welcome to arrange your own insurance but it is not always easy or cost effective to do so. Because of this we offer a Damage Waiver in exchange for a fee (5% of the equipment hire charge). With this option all responsibility for accidental loss or damage is covered by Peninsula Tipi Cos own insurance. Please contact us for a copy of our Terms & Conditions.

Do the team clean up?

You betcha, our crew will leave things spick and span. We recommend having a bin available for use during the event to keep things nice and neat.

Do we get to choose the Gelato flavours?

We will bring a selection of Gelato and Sorbet

Do you need a power supply for the Gelati Cart?

Ideally a 1x10amp plug socket would be great. If there is no access to a power supply we can bring our own generator.

Do you need a power supply for the Pizza Wagon?

Ideally we need a 1x10amp adapter to plug in to, but if this isn't possible, we can bring our generator.

Do you offer gluten-free pizzas?

We cater for gluten free, dairy free, vegan and most other intolerances.

Do you provide plates and cutlery?

We can provide napkins & biodegradable paper plates for an additional fee (or you are welcome to provide something else, if you prefer).

Do you provide plates and cutlery?

We provide napkins, cutlery (salads only) and biodegradable plates.

Does Gelati Cart have dairy and gluten-friendly options?

Yes. All our sorbets are dairy free and gluten free.

Does The Old Fashioned have public liability insurance?

Yes ma’am. 

Does The Old Fashioned need access to water?

Yes ideally. If this isn’t possible don’t fear this doesn’t count you out. Just let us know and we can have a chat about our options.

Does The Old Fashioned provide table service?

We find our service works best if guests come up to the bar to mingle. How ever we can provide an extra staff member to do this at an additional cost. 

Does The Old Fashioned team clean up?

We can’t take rubbish away with us but our bar team will be walking around clearing drink debris through out the night. We’ll clean and take home all our glassware but any bottles and cans will need to be disposed of by you or your venue. We recommended having a designated area for guests to put the bottles to be recycled. 

How are the Tipi's effected if it rains, or there’s a storm?

All is not lost! Our tipis are weatherproof and can withstand up to 70km/hr winds. Rain is never an issue unless your site is at risk of flooding. If strong winds are forecast this will determine the direction the tipis face and how the sides are configured, which is something we are highly experienced with. This will all be discussed with you as we plan your event. In rare cases, set up times and days might be affected in extreme weather conditions.

How big are your pizzas?

Our pizzas are 11 inches and are best for sharing so we will rotate through your pizza choices, cut them into 6 slices, pop them on wooden pizza peels (or something special if you’d prefer) for guests to help themselves.

How big is Privy The Pretty?

The toilet measures 5m long x 3m high x 2m wide.

How big is the Pretty Cool Room?

Internal: 3m long X 1.4m wide X 1.85m high, External: 4.5m long, 1.9m wide, 2.55m high

How far can you take The Old Fashioned?

A max of around 2hrs from Mount Martha. This could be amended if you are booking a big package with Gather Round. Anywhere 50km from us will incur a travel fee. 

How is Privy The Pretty eco-friendly?

Privy runs on solar power and has its own self managing water tank/pump and waste tank. We also use 100% recycled toilet paper and 100% recycled paper towels to stock Privy.

How long can I hire The Old Fashioned for?

As long as you want! After the initial bar hire fee we just charge per staff member per hour. We will need to know a time for last orders so our staff know when to ring the ‘last orders’ bell 15 minutes before we start packing up.

How long do you serve your pizza for?

For our unlimited pizza package, pizzas will be available for 2.5 hours for 50 – 79 guests; from 80 guests, we'll be serving for 3 hours, and add an extra 30 minutes per 20 extra guests attending so that everyone has plenty of time to enjoy!

When you choose a set amount of pizzas, we can cook up to 60 pizzas per hour but will cook to the flow and speed of your event, if you like it more relaxed!

How long will you serve pizza for?

Service time will depend on the number of guests and the duration of your function.

How many bar staff do I need?

Let us know how many on your guest list and we can let you know how many of our team you'll need. Generally we recommend:

Up to 80 guests - 2 staff
80 - 140 guests - 3 staff
140+ guests - 4 staff

How many people can Privy The Pretty cater to?

Privy has two unisex cubicles that can cater for up to 120 people.

How many tipis will I need for my event?

That really depends on your vision and whether you are having a cocktail or sit-down event. Each tipi can hold 100 people at absolute capacity. Check our tipi section for ideas on floor plans.

How much power does The Old Fashioned need?

1 X 10amp for the bar. If you go for our tea and coffee option then we need an additional 1 X 10amp each for the kettle and nespresso machine. Kettles are power suckers!

How much space is needed for the tipis?

The space needed varies based on which tipi configuration you choose. Please check the section of our website for specific dimensions for different tipi configurations.

How much time do you need to set up the Pizza Wagon?

For pizza only we need to arrive 1hr30mins before you would like us to serve to get set up.

How much time do you need to set up?

We'll arrive 1.5-2 hours prior to set everything up.

How will I know how much alcohol to provide?

We can help. The best advice we were given when planning for our own wedding was to sit down and picture each individual at your wedding (you know them best) and make a tally of what you think they will each drink. Add it all up then add a bit more! Always better to have too much than too little, and you can always take what’s left home with you.

Should I hire a cool room with The Old Fashioned?

For any event with over 50 guests we would recommend hiring a cool room. Gather Round can add The Pretty Cool Room to your package for an additional $350 

What Giant Games will you bring?

We’ll bring Giant Jenga, Giant Connect Four and Bag Toss to get the good vibes going.

What are the power requirements for Pretty Cool Room?

The cool room requires a 1X10amp for power.

What are the power requirements for tipi set up?

We recommend that tipis be erected within 20 metres of a power source for lights, AV and catering equipment. This power source can be direct from mains power, or you can hire a generator.

What are the salads for the lunch package?

We'll bring a green salad with a homemade vinaigrette and a tomato and mozzarella salad.

What areas do you travel to for Tipi set up?

We are primarily based on the Mornington Peninsula and delivery and set up is FREE, anywhere on the Peninsula. We do travel further afield but there will be a delivery charge. Get in touch for a delivery quote.

What do you provide with your full bar hire?

Our unique horse float bar, jolly and experienced bar staff, glassware, beer trough, wine fridges, ice, water and a whole-lotta joy! 

What furniture will you bring?

This will depend on the amount of people at the event. We'll bring enough for a casual cocktail set up, including wine barrels, umbrellas, stools, tables & benches.

What if we don't finish all the pizzas?

If you don't get through all the pizzas, we'll cook up a stack and leave them for you and your guests to enjoy for those late night munchies!

What milk will be available for coffee and tea?

We’ll provide all the usual suspects; full cream, skim, almond milk, soy milk and oat milk.

What power do you require?

Our Pizza Wagon, Gelati Cart and Bar all require a 1x10amp. If this isn't available, don’t fret! We’ll bring a generator to get things cranking.

What size are your tables and benches?

Our Nordic Pine tables are 200cm long and 70cm wide, and benches are 200cm long 20cm wide.

What sort of drinks does The Old Fashioned serve?

Champagne, wine, beer (have you seen our amazing beer trough?!), cider, soft drinks, spirts with mixers, shots (tequila anyone?!). You provide the alcohol and we’ll serve it. 

What sort of glassware is provided?

Wine glasses, champagne flutes, tumblers, water glasses. We recommend beer and cider to stay in bottles. Mugs for coffee and tea. 

What sort of venue or site will I need for the Tipis?

The tipi configurations allow us to set up in a variety of outdoor locations. But there are a number of important things to consider when choosing your venue and tipi site, including:

  • Does your prospective site have good access for 4WD vehicles with long trailers? This is essential to ensure your tipis (and our wonderful crew) arrive at the site safely.
  • Is the site free from underground services (electrical cables, water pipes etc) or if not do you know where exactly they are? Metal stakes will be driven into the ground.
  •  Is the ground level?
  • Is the ground well drained and free from flooding?
  • Is the site free from overhead trees, powerlines and other obstructions?

If you do have any questions about the suitability of your prospective event site then please get in touch. Additionally, if the site is nearby we are always happy to carry out a free, no obligation site visit. And we can of course, always recommend great outdoor locations we have used in the past!

What will the breakfast pastries be?

A mixture of mini plain croissants and danishes from the unbeatable Miller's bakery.

When are the tipis set up for the event?

In general for a weekend event our preferred set up day is Thursday, and preferred pack down day is Monday.  However, we can work with you and your venue to ensure everybody is happy with times and will always endeavour to meet specific venue requirements. If you have a triple tipi an additional day might be needed for set up.

When do you set up and pack down The Old Fashioned?

We are busy folk at Gather Round and ideally we’ll set up The Old Fashioned a day or two before the event and pick her up again the next week day (normally Monday). Our staff will arrive an hour before service to get everything looking ship-shape. It will take them about an hour or so to pack up at the end. If you need same day drop off this can be arranged, we’ll just need to know when you enquire pretty please. 

When is the cool room delivered?

We'll drop the cool room off a day or two ahead of your event. This gives it plenty of time to get down to the right temperature so your drinks are nicely chilled.

Where can the Gelati Cart be parked?

We need a 3X3m area to park the gelati cart.

Where is The Old Fashioned based?

We are lucky enough to call the Mornington Peninsula home. 

Where will you travel to?

Our team travel within 60km of the Mornington Peninsula. If you’re team is located further afield, please note a travel fee may be added.

Will we be able to select the pizza flavours?

We will bring a selection of 5 pizzas

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