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The Eco-Friendly Wedding Guide

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Planning an eco-friendly or green wedding needn’t mean missing out on your favourite traditions or details. We’ve curated a list of easy ways that you can make your big day less wasteful and more sustainable, making the celebrations all the more special.

Inspired Invitations

Whether you choose recycled paper and plant-based ink or digital invitations, going green with your invites is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of your wedding. Plantable paper laced with seeds allows guests to add your invites to the garden after the event, sprouting gorgeous flowers or vegetables. It’s a super sweet way of returning the materials to the earth.

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Sustainable Jewellery

What could be more special than proposing with a family heirloom? Consider recycling a loved one’s ring or shopping at a second-hand store for something truly one-of-a-kind. If you can’t find a piece that suits your style, you can melt down gold or silver and use your own sustainably-sourced stones for something bespoke that’s been made just for you. There are also plenty of jewellers who source sustainable metals and gemstones to craft custom keepsakes. Be sure to inquire where your jeweller sources their materials, and if you’re choosing a diamond, look into tracking the history and origin of the precious stone online.

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Rethinking Your Registry

Only add items to your registry that will last a lifetime, rather than the latest gadget, which will likely end up hidden away in a cupboard somewhere – or worse – in landfill. Think thoughtful experiences such as cooking classes, handmade ceramics, stainless steel reusables, handwoven textiles and local artworks. If there’s nothing you need, think about registering with a charity or cause that’s close to your heart.

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Go Green With Your Florals

Floristry gets a pretty bad rap regarding its environmental impact, but you can choose to go green with your florals by selecting an environmentally conscious supplier. Look for local growers committed to organic and sustainable practices and who offer a cut-to-order service. Not only will you reduce flower miles and the need for refrigeration and plastic wrapping, but you’ll also eliminate the toxic chemicals often used to preserve bridal bouquets.

Sheree and Sean's Wedding

Makeover Your Menu

When choosing your catering, opt for a menu that celebrates locally-grown, seasonal produce to reduce your food miles. Including vegetarian and plant-based dishes also requires fewer resources and is less taxing on the environment than their meaty counterparts. You can reduce food wastage by saving leftovers or contacting a local food bank or community group beforehand to see if they accept donations.

Our beloved Pizza Wagon only uses the freshest ingredients for our wood-fired pizzas and salads, and we make all the dough from scratch – reducing wastage and eliminating the need for the excess plastic, transport and storage involved with ready-made bases.  

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Consider Crockery + Cutlery

Whether you’re choosing food trucks, cocktail-style catering, grazing boards or sit-down dining, it’s easy to go plastic-free with your tableware. You can scour op-shops or marketplace for quirky table sets that will become a family keepsake after the big day. If you do choose to go disposable, we recommend bamboo cutlery and biodegradable paper plates and napkins as an environmentally-friendly alternative.  

Sheree and Sean's Wedding

Conscious Confetti

Whilst traditional confetti and rice may look great in photos, it’s simply not great for the environment (or the poor venue that has to clean it up afterwards). Go plant-based with biodegradable alternatives made from recycled paper, rose petals, eucalyptus leaves or biodegradable rice paper, which simply dissolves when washed away.

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Waste-Free Favours

Edible favours are a great way to ensure that your guests’ gifts aren’t stuffed in a shoebox or slid into a bin several months later. A visit to your local farmer’s market is sure to sprout some ideas. Consider buying locally-made olive oil and decanting it into gorgeous glass bottles, making your own chilli oil to gift your guests some heat, or enlisting the help of a local baker to make a batch of cookies for a real sweet treat.



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